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Rented Trees

OK, I confess I’m a sucker for weddings. One reason is because I am enjoying my own 28-plus year marriage to my sweet wife Becky. I’ll tell you the other reason in person the next time I see you, if you will remind me.

Trees a the Royal WeddingIf you’ve seen pictures of the Royal Wedding you may have noticed the allee of large maple trees lining the aisle of the abbey. I thought they looked great and added a nice touch to the ceremony. Just as trees will do planted on the outside of a building, these gave a human scale to the soaring heights of the church. Symbolically, they represent Creation, or Nature, or the seasons.

It’s the nature of our culture to copy things we deem as cool or cutting edge.  I think there will be weddings in the months to come that copy Kate’s dress, the music, and the flowers. I also think couples will want to use the tree idea as well.

There is an opportunity here for the growers of container trees to market themselves to wedding florists to rent their large-container trees for people wanting to “borrow” ideas from the Royal Wedding. The U.K. Mail reported that they spent about $83,000 on the trees. Of course, I guess most of the money was in the handling and special containers designed to dress up the black plastic nursery containers. Do you see a potential market here? What about selling healthy liners of the rented tree species to be given away to guests as a memento of the wedding? They could be packaged and tagged with instructions on planting, and of course include sappy references to watching the tree grow as the young couple’s love grows.

It’s the symbolism, people!

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  1. Shenton says

    Forgot to add….I am spending about $350.00 per tree.

  2. Shenton says

    True that! I am now buying 7-10 Himalyan Birch trees for my october wedding reception, 2-3″…..should look sick! And…..we get to plant them in our yard when we get back from our honeymoon!!!

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